Monday, 20 July 2015

Hanoi trip 23/5/15 - 27/5/15

hello dearies.......

for those who spend some time reading this, i would like to thank you guys in advance......

i planned for the trip since last december, of course mr hubby said, no need for vacation, should save up some instead, but of coz i cant control myself from making all the bookings and planned for everything. its just too good deals and too bad to let go! haha......nex year i plan lagi okay!

so, for this trip.....because everyone went to halong bay, so i just want to see for myself from my very beautiful eyes ..hehe...kidding.....

so , i booked with airasiago, returns flights for 3 of us + hotels 3D2N only RM1k ++  including lugage!, i know...very cheap n very good deal, right! for Halong bay cruise, i booked it last minutes for imperial junk cruise (2.5 star) RM680 for 3 of us, all in one ( transfer, room, 5 X meals on board, all d activities) about 4.5mil dong, which i compared with other passangers, we got cheaper price! booked it with agoda, last minute with agoda always help, they will reduce the price, FYI..huhu


our flights from KLIA2 was at 6.30 am , so we have to be there by 3.30am, drove from Ipoh directly at 12 am , reached there by 2.30 am, have some supper with abg chik, who drove us to airport and took care of the car for us while we're gone...thank you darling! self checked in by 3.30am...settled everything and just wait to depart by 5.30 am.....everything went smooth.....and d little E also slept in the flight, just great! it was 3h20 min flight, reached Hanoi at 8.40 am local earlyyyy rite....wut r we gonna do????

BTW, we looked for a transport to the hotel, for 1st day ,i booked for other hotel but was changed to Blue Gem Hotel ,also by agoda, only Rm 40 for deluxe room with breakfast! taxi from airport was actually very expensive, they charged USD 25 per way.....i didn't want to waste my money on that, so we survey around and found out travel by minibus only USD3 per person, free for lil E...I get a special seat at the front for carrying a baby, so it was nice, worth every cent spent.

famous view in hanoi, they open a shop and kerusi kecik2 tu semua org nnt dtg berborak n dudk kat kerusi to! fascinating view!

bad wiring!

famous artwork card

the famous hoan kiem lake....xde pape pon, over jeee

We checked in quite early around 12 , get some sleep, and rest , only by 4 pm we went out around the city , walked to the Hoan Kiem Lake, d famous lake in Hanoi. Well it actually nothing, just a lake with bunch of people, with a red bridge ......met few vietnamese who are actually students, actually they offered to guide us during our stay, to get some free tips....ermp....thank you , dont need that....hehe

the thing is , everything calculated in USD , i think because too many tourist came to hanoi , and transit to halong bay, every item sold in USD ..
even at the airport, bought 2 french fries with 1 milo cost us USD12 , which is expensive!

if u planned to go there , be sure to check the climate and temperature, my biggest mistake was, i never checked the temperature before made the booking, turn out, now is the summer time, it was damn bloody hot, temperature 34-38 degress.....imagine how hot it was...very much!

after walk, we wanted to find some food for dinner, then we came across this family. kak rubi and her husband and son i think, forgotten their names, they are super nice, they stay in hanoi for 4? years already , work with tourism , so they traveled a lot . they bought us d dinner that nice. thank you!


we had our breakfast at hotel and had  tour agent picked us from hotel to Halong bay, traveled by bus, with A/C (alhamdulillah)
but it took 3.5H journey to reach there. actual distance only 160 km, but the speed limit is 50km/h (wut derrr????) so it took that long to reach there!

we boarded a transfer bot before an actual cruise. We had a nice welcome onto the cruise, it was very nice cruise, bit small, d room can fit 1 queen bed with little space at the side  and nice shower with was nice indeed!
we did enjoy the breath taking view of the limestones, it was very beautiful! Subhanallah!
we had full course meals over there. After check in , we have our lunch on the boat and then  we rest in the room for a while,

german team!

then we went for cave exploring around halong , ok laaaa....... later for those who want to swim, kayak, or explore around you are very much welcome, but because of limited number for kayak, we have to take turn. sadly, i want to involve in that activities, but i cant........dont want to take risk for eryna.. so we just enjoy watching the sunset on the deck and watching others playing around .

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eryna's new bf!

at around at 8.30 pm we had our dinner, it was superb... we have the rice ( the rice is something, bit sticky and smell good , maybe thai rice ), fish sweet sour, and other things, prawn and chicken.
they serve pork also, but they were very understanding that we do not take pork so they prepare us something else .

sweet pumpkin soup

udang bakar

squid fishing

at night, i tried to do squid fishing  but no luck for me..urgghhhh.....the off to sleep .

the best thing was we mixed with so many foreigners, kind of open our mind about outside world when we chit chat and make friends with each others .

the bad thing i think because our boat is maybe 2 or 3 stars, it is spacious and the air conditioner is limited  to certain time only, in the evening , it was so hot and yet no air conditioner  !

p/s pls bring your own drinks ( mineral esp , because up there drinks are expensive )


oh noooo.....its time to go back already! we had our breakfast and lunch and enjoy our last day on halong sad...

rachel from england and her friend
 oh ya, at noon we had cooking class, they taught   us on how to do Vietnamese roll. we had special roll without pork in it

at 2 pm , we checked out , transferred to another boat and wait the bus to go back to hanoi .

it was really hot..temp reached 40degree! very bad for traveling ...

we reached our hotel  by 7pm ( amanda hotel, the hotel we booked with airasiago for 3d2n) it was very nice hotel, room is big enoughr for us, with the bath tub....very comfortable and location is at the centre of hanoi also!

after rest for a bit and showered we went out to have our dinner. we searched the same mamak restaurant, its d only halal restaurant by the way.. quite far , we have our naan cheese and tandori, take away too...mahal la jugak....standard price about rm 25 per meal.

we booked for tam coc hua lu travel  with d agent on the first day .

actually i came across with this trip on groupon, they always have this offer for the trip. i never heard of SAPA trip before , so i thought, why not? i want to see the outskirt city, how they live and the paddy field ...
the fee wasnt too expensive, 15USD per person was the cheapest price i get .. free for eryna =)

the trip wasnt that good, long hours journey, very packed, hot, the air conditioner was not good, i got the bad seat...hmmmm........

tam coc was nothing, only temple ...

when we reached hua lu, we rent a motobike for sight seeing around the village, it was breath taking view, to see all the limestone mountain. they say hua lu is the dry halong bay, indeed . if u see halong bay, no need to go to hua lu. SAPA is better.....but still i didnt regret the choice i made .

jemur padi tepi jalan!

john from penang

from korea

tok guru son goku! pendekar penyu!haha

we had our boat trip along the river on paddy field, where 1 woman swing the boat handle using her foot!
hahaha.....see.....the legs must be very strong to carry us all. kudos sis!

then later that evening we  went back to hanoi.

because the travel time is very long to one place and another, we had no time to shop for souvenir at the market , it closed at 8pm, so we just bought the souvenir  at the stall along the pavement, a bit pricey but we dint have any choice .

we booked our taxi to go to airport with the hotel, quite expensive 25USD per taxi ..hmmm


home sweet home !

we are going back was a nice travel but we chose a bad time to travel. next time got to check the weather and temperature also, not only the cheap tickets!

we saw a lot of foreigners there,  like A LOT!!!! but when we reached Malaysia, we see small numbers of foreigners only .... why??? they managed to travel around asia, esp thailand, vietnam, cambodia for weeks but some never heard of Malaysia or just stay in KL for 2days .....what happened to malaysia's tourism??? i feel so bad for us . we have so many good places to visit here ! pls come and visit malaysia!

tips to travel to hanoi :

1. check d temperature!
2. change to usd as well as dong
3. get your hotel nearby city
4. bring along some can foods
5. tour : better halong bay 2d1n & sapa 2d1n
6. shop souvenir early, it closed at 6 pm
7. bring your own mineral / drinks to halong bay, super expensive over there