Tuesday, 17 February 2015

sahom retreat farm

last sunday we went to check up this place,
just knew about this place recently.
this place is actually located in sahom, at chenderiang perak, exit at gopeng from the highway
located deep in the village area, and palm oil farm
owned by an architect, he designed d place himself of coz.....super nice
it has 2 villages ; heritage village and riverside village

                                                           entrance to sahom retreat farm

                                                 jalan batu2

                                                    kolam memancing

                                                  cantik kan......peace and serene

 ok. ni 1st kampung, kampung tepian sungai

 resort ni tepi sungai, as in d name..........
it has 5 houses
see d village plan
d swimming pool is up front the river, very nice view
d main chalet is d biggest, with stunning bathroom i would say
2 fish ponds,
with outside kitchen and bbq pit and dining
and it has a lounge with multipurpose area where u can do activities or sleep over if u bring big family.. 

                                                                d swimming pool

                                                             pool up front d river


                                                         fish pond
                                                           swimming pool
 kitchen or bar  with bbq pit and diner

 main chalet.....cantik sgt

 multipurpose area, can sleep over, just bring ur  mattress and mosquito net along

 outside toilet


2nd village
heritage village
it has 2 swimming pools , i tink for children, this 1 is better!
d houses are bigger here compared than riverside village

 kitchen & bbq


 fish pond
 lounge to main chalet

 to other 4 chalets

 they have balcony!

 inside view of small chalet

 porch, nak camp sini pon bolehhh

 main chalet with 4 poster bed

 bathroom of main chalet......cntik sgt

okay , da abes tgk kampung
boleh sewa basikal, atv, motor

okay, tempat boleh google
nk pg kne book in advance
can book d whole village rm 800 / nite can fit up to 40 people
or nak sebuah2 pon boleh main chalet rm 400/nite
small chalet rm 200/nite