Sunday, 14 December 2014

bali trip 2014

Its been ages since my last write of anything on this blog. Decided to write again, more on my activities, hobby etc2........

just came back from our family trip to bali, indonesia from december 6 till december 9
4d3n in, if anyone wants to know what to expect or a bit of knowledge or info before going there yourself, feel free to read through, i promise it'll help.......

so started on dec 5,i  applied leave fr work fr 5th till 10th dec, short but enough, with critical condition of mo shortage in our hospital, i still applied for leave selfishly since already booked n planned for almost a year...sorry ya friendsssssss..hehe

Actually i planned for a romantic getaway to bali for 3 or us ; me, hubby and eryna but since airasia was doing a promotion,tickets were so cheap, so d whole family wanted to come along, so here we are!! Having d whole family for holiday trip was truly awesome!should do this again in d future!
Somehow for certain reason, along n k.shu cancelled the trip, so only 9 of us traveled along.
bye2 along........too bad bothof u  missed the family moment. Maybe next time ya!haha
                                                    waiting for ERL at putrajaya
on 5th dec , we went to kl, stay for a night at hotel in kajang. Our flight by airasia will depart at 9.30am, so we should be there latest by 7am. From the  hotel we went to ERL putrajaya, to leave my car there . Actually by 4.30 am umi already woke us from our deep sleep..urghhhhh....actually by 4.30 am, everyone already woken up n bathed, i was the last person to wake!! By 5.30 we reached ERL putrajaya (from kajang star hotel to erl putrajaya about 30min) , ERL putrajaya to klia2 took around 1/2 hour. Half of us went to klia2 by mpv, others went by erl.. bagage checked, solat subuh, then had breakfast while waiting for depart....very excited! Lucky umi actually get us ready early so we didn't  rush..everything just went on smoothly..

 eryna in bonding process with tokmi n tok abah

 departing!!!!! bali here we come!!

departed by 10am, flight delayed 1/2 h fr time scheduled, we arrived at the airport, Denpasar , Bali by 1 pm.yeayyyy!!!!!

 us in flight

 airport xsiap lagii...kenela nek bas

checked for our travel agent!found him!hehe........,
our guide here for 4d3n mr robi from  ytobalitour (muslim tour)
Initially i searched for car rental for travel in bali, but when i google mostly recommended ytobalitour as tour guide.

 They charged 750000rph for wholeday tour, 400000 rph for 1/2 day tour and 150000rph for taking us and send to airport (total 2.4mil rph ~rm 688 for d whole family) okla i think, but if you want to rent car or mb  from the hotel which is of course cheaper (scooter rent price for a day only 70000 rph ~ rm 22 and car rental only rm70 per day, but of course you have to travel by yourself, and d traffic in bali is quite bad in sense of driving habit of mbikers there, are terrible. If you want more experience and more excitement, better to rent car and travel , then you wont be too stricken by d schedule, some more, at night you still have your transport if you want to go out for midnite sightseeing, and you can stop by whenever you want, dont have to ask d driver, because sometime they reluctant to.....i personally think , we should rent a car or mpv instead....huhu

DAY 1 6.12.14

after touched down, we went for hungryyyyyyyy.......a place recommended by robi, to try ayam tulang is actually chicked deep fried and i tink pressed till all d bones are actually soft and chewable.....we ordered 1 whole chicken and bebek (duck) and 3 veges.....n drinks and rice and cost us 770000rph!phuhhhhh.....haha....mahal jugak la, tp sebab sedap, dimaafkanlah....

 Checked in hotel s8 (suardana hotel, kuta) by 3 pm.....this hotel is located in the heart of kuta ; happening city in bali. Very strategic,and also cheap and comfortable.

we have a nice room, with kitchenette and 1door fridge. Very nice ey....we cooked our breakfast and sometimes dinner meal =) i like d concept.....

 1st place visited was Uluwatu temple. A temple on top of a cliff...very nice view. Entrance fee 20000rph. there was kecak dance available in the evening
which cost 100,000 rph per person! but then we didnt watch the show , 1 thing because it was expensive (for total of 8 person), another reason because the dance itself was a ritual dance , in the late evening with baby along......better not!

 pool at the hotel

 DAY 2 

fullday tour begin.

1stly we watched Barong dance . before i came to Bali, i made my own research regarding the activities and tour actraction. But sadly i didnt actually dig deeper on the dance as i think if its a cultural show by bali people, then we definitely must watch it! HOWEVER, after watched the movie i felt the other way round. Not only we didnt understand the language, but the show bored us to death..haha...felt very sleepy watching it, wouldnt recommend to others, better watch at youtube if u really want to watch it.some more, the entrance fee was 100,000 rph per person!such a waste!!!!hmmm.........,,,,,,for those who love cultural show, bolehla tgk....for me , super no2.....

 views along the way

 okay, after the boring barong dance, robi planned to visit batik and painting site, but we declined. We went for the gold and silver  place, sound Bali, they have allocated systematically, 1 village focus on painting, another on batik painting, gold and silver jewelary product,wood and stone carving. the jewellary prices were not that cheap...or maybe he brought us to the expensive looking store, hehe...dunno......we didnt buy any not jewel type of person btw....huhu.......
 our transport at bali
 then we stopped by ..................padi bukit.....subhanallah..very beautiful.....amazing view..umi asked if any beras padi bukit available, but sadly no...huhu.....

then we moved our main attraction, kintamani volcano with lunch. Actually we went to a restaurant which actually facing up the volcano. So, you actually having a lunch meal facing the volcano and lake batur view. Subhanallah!cantik bangat sih the view....its was a superb experience, and the view was expensive.the lunch was served as buffet actual price 120,000 rph per person including tax 20%, we thought of declining the offer and go to other place to eat (many restaurant on that hill also, which are not that crowded and also facing the same view) but then the waiter cane to us again and gave us the offer only 80.000 rph perperson..cheaper!so we accepted the offer..haha...funny, buffet lunch also can bargain ey.....hmmmm............,,,
                                                                   the volcano

                                                              expensive view

                                                                        lunch buffet

                                                         finally eryna bonded

i think, the thing i dont like when we chose to do tour with tour guide when they brought us to the place they have contract or interest, we  cant choose where to eat...hmmmm...

and the buffet wasnt worth d price offered. I only pay for the view.....even when entering the mountain to see the volcano you have to pay 30,000 (5000 per person), we got a bit of discount =), not much but appreciate it robi!thanx a lot

after that we went to tempak siring temple. Hubby said......whaaatttt temple again??????!  Haha....bali is an island full of temple and very artistic.... tempak siring is a temple..............
Rain started pouring lightly initially and then became very fierce....but that heavy rain didnt stop the grocery owner to attract us from buying their good. They actually snatched your hand, and tightly hold on to u till you buy something!horrible! Simple pants initial price was 140,000 rph , i bargained hard, down till 40,000rph only..haha...

at night we strolled along our hotel to kuta square.actually d distance fr our hotel to kuta beach was 15 min walk, but we didnt have d chance to walk till the beach...too tired at night to walk for that distance with eryna hanging onto me....sakit pinggang..huh

planned by robi for beach tour.

1st to krisna for shop!he said thinhs at krisna cheaper compared other place..NO NO NO.....certain things are cheap, true enough..,like the bag, keychain..,but shirt or mukena?BIG NO NO.......

tell u what, if u want to shop just go to serampai bali at kuta , everything cheap......d t shirt u can get as low as 11,000rph, but of course d quality is questionable...

We spent around 1 n haf hour there then headed to dreamland beach.......the beach is owned by tony suharto .....xcantik pon pantainya.......xpergi pon xpe...huhu........waste of time.........

then we had our lunch at kfc and headed to the airport.